Top 20 Most Amazing And Delicious Snacks From Around The Globe

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Re: Top 20 Most Amazing And Delicious Snacks From Around The Globe

Postby jeevan » Fri May 17, 2019 2:30 pm

16. Ceviche (Peru)


This cold fish appetizer is an extremely popular street food dish in Peru, made of raw, diced fish cured in zesty citrus juice and seasoned with chili, onions, and cilantro. As ceviche is uncooked, it is best eaten fresh.

17. Pinchos (Spain)


A mainstay of bars in northern Spain, pinchos are bite-size toppings of fish, Spanish omelet or bell peppers skewered to slices of bread, though almost all toppings can be used.

18. Currywurst (Germany)


Though sausages were always a popular snack in Germany, currywurst is a rather recent arrival. It was invented by Herta Heuwer in 1949, who acquired ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers, mixed it together and poured it over pork sausage, though beef variations are also common.

19. Aloo Paratha (India)


To an untrained eye, this looks like any regular flatbread, but within its doughy recesses is a mouthwatering filling of mashed potatoes and spices. The bread is then fried in ghee or butter. It is served with a topping of butter, Indian pickles or chutney.

20. Gimbap (South Korea)


The lesser-known Korean cousin of maki sushi, gimbap differs from Japanese sushi in several important ways. While sushi rice is treated with vinegar, gimbap is rather seasoned using sesame oil. Gimbap can contain any number of ingredients, including meat, canned tuna, stir-fried vegetables, and even kimchi!

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