25 Rare Pictures From Last Century

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25 Rare Pictures From Last Century

Postby jeevan » Tue Nov 26, 2019 5:50 pm

There have been some unexpected moments captured on film before, but what makes these moments so special is the fact that most of them changed the course of history. Some photos date as far back as to the early 20th Century, with a few prototype designs that would eventually pave the way for the technology we use today.

1) The Walking Machine. (1937)


The Walking Machine was used to test wear on shoes.

2) Filming Of The MGM Screen Credits. (1928)


The famous lion you all may recgonize from the beginning of each MGM movie.

3) The Construction Of The Hoover Dam. (February, 1934)


The concrete used to build the monumental Hover Dam.

4) The Last Known Image Of The Hoover Dam. (1936)


The final photo taken before the Hover Damn became submerged in water.

5) Charlie Chaplin Standing Tall At Wall Street. (1918)


Douglas Fairbanks Jr. hoists the popular silent screen star to promote Liberty Bonds.

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