These 11 Small Gestures Of Love Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Relationship

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Re: These 11 Small Gestures Of Love Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Relationship

Postby jeevan » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:15 pm

7. Surprise them! Don’t forget to surprise them once in a while to see the instant joy. It could be preparing breakfast or, just booking tickets to the latest movie. Whatever it is, it'll make them happy to know you’re still making an effort to surprise them.


8. Make sure you compliment them. Drop them a text about how good they look, tell them how their smile still gives you butterflies in the tummy, or leave a post-it about how that new outfit they wore looks perfect on them. These encouraging words will make your partner feel good.


9. Get them things without them asking for it. This should be easy if you know your partner well and are acquainted with their habits. Be it picking up their favourite snack or shopping for some fruits, get it all before they ask for it.


10. Even if you suck at cooking, try and cook for them. This isn’t too tough and it will make them feel special. Pick out their favourite dish and get working. It'll show that you're ready to go that extra mile to see them happy.


11. Include them in your social circle. Hanging out with friends often becomes a matter of personal space away from your partner but once in a while, make them feel like you want them to be a part of your world by inviting them out with friends.


Just a couple of these everyday things and you’ll always keep the love alive!

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