11 Signs That Prove Parents Are Trying To Be Friends With You

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11 Signs That Prove Parents Are Trying To Be Friends With You

Postby jeevan » Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:42 pm


More often than not, we don't realise, that we're not the only ones dealing with change and struggling to understand our parents' perspective, our parents are fighting a similar battle. For the most part of their lives, they've had set values and beliefs - which might not necessarily be what yours are - but are now seeing you in a very different setting. They are compelled to deal with changes they never thought they'd encounter at this point in life. While you might think your parents don't understand your issues, they are trying. With you, even they are evolving.

They are changing because they want to be your friends. Most parents are now careful with the kind of relationship they want to build with their children.

Here are some signs that prove that your parents are trying to be your friends.

1. They try and understand being happy is more important to you than your draining job.


Your job is your choice and they respect that, because they know that you are trying to build your life and are not ready to sacrifice your mental peace in the process.

2. They listen to you to understand, and not to reply.


You think parents can only scold you and not understand say, your relationship problems? They do.

3. They try to get to know the people you normally hang out with.


They make an effort to be friendly with your friends too. Parents acknowledge the fact that your friends are important to you.

4. They laugh at your millennial jokes even if they don't get them.


With so much of change coming, appreciate these little efforts that might be nothing for you, but a lot for them.

5. They want to be connected to you on social media, but never force you to add them.


Haven't you seen your parents getting comfortable with posting emojis just like you? Adding them will only strengthen the bond.

6. They ask you how your day was at work because they know your choices are important to you.


They now recognize what you might be going through in order to achieve what you desire. The work culture back then was different than what it is today and all they need is to know your issues because they want to support you in every way.

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