11 Awkward Things Everyone Face When We Start Dating Someone

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11 Awkward Things Everyone Face When We Start Dating Someone

Postby jeevan » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:25 pm


First things first: psychologists say that love can make you go crazy.

The word 'crazy' doesn't necessarily have a negative connotation here but it is what is it.

During the initial stages of any new relationship you are bound to lose touch with reality and create a world of your own. Inventing stories in your head is one inevitable outcome of that. Part of that is also we end up either convincing ourselves or someone else of something.

As beautiful as the idea starting a new relationship and falling in love sounds, the first few days can feel like an uncomfortable ride because you're getting to know someone new and that takes time.

That got us thinking about the 11 uncomfortable things we all go through when we start dating someone.

1. The 'can I call' dilemma.


Do you call them now or later? Will you seem too desperate if you call them right after you've already had a conversation? Should you or should you not? The 'can I call' dilemma can feel like torture. The only solace in all this is knowing that with time things will get easier.

2. Will they like what I wear?


I guess it's natural to start paying a little more attention to what you wear when you've just started dating someone. One worry always is whether they'll appreciate what you're wearing. It becomes awkward when you think you look nice but they give you a weird expression in return.

3. When they care too much and you don't know how to handle it.


Anyone you've started dating understandably becomes more involved in your life. There were things you were comfortable doing alone. But now there's a second opinion you need to make room for. You understand they're doing what they do because they care but the question remains if you'll be able to handle it.

4. The first 'my ex' talk.


No one wants to bring it up but it eventually does. Now that you are their current beau how do you react to first 'my ex' talk. Staying cool would be a start.

5. The first gift exchange.


You feel like giving something special to that special someone. And this is the first time you're doing this, you obviously want to impress them. This moment can be a big one considering it's a partial test of how well you know their likes and dislikes.

6. The 'what are we' conversation.


Let's not get there yet. This is, hands down, the most awkward point in any relationship let alone a new one that both partners are trying to define. You are not sure if the other person is in the same place as you. And there's no way to get out of it either.

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