11 Awkward Things Everyone Face When We Start Dating Someone

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Re: 11 Awkward Things Everyone Face When We Start Dating Someone

Postby jeevan » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:27 pm

7. Do we split our first bill or not?


Financial matters can be a tricky one to share and money situations have full potential to make both the parties awkward. Who should pay when the bill arrives. Do you just split it? Who should bring up this question?

8. The first time they get angry with you.


While you are still processing what made them angry, you need to deal with it too. Deciding whether you should say 'sorry' or wait them to say it first is why your head hurts.

9. The first time you meet their friends and somehow feel left out.


You're with their friends. They're sharing cute stories from their history together, which you were not a part of is. You just nod and smile, and hope that's enough. Weird is putting it mildly.

10. The first time you talk about 'doing it.'


Ahem. You know what I mean! It takes time to get vocal with your partner about sex. But it is equally important because once you pass that phase things really get better.

11. When you get jealous and try not to scream out out loud.


If you are saying you are not those jealous types, you're so wrong. You are the jealous types. Period.

Crazily enough, it is not easy to hide your face when you get jealous and it is a cute-awkward feeling that your partner remembers for a long time.

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