12 Important Tips For Spectacles Users

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Re: 12 Important Tips For Spectacles Users

Postby jeevan » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:30 pm

7. Use diluted dish soap to clean your glasses. Soaps with alcohol, vinegar, ammonia and bleach should not be used as they could destroy the coating on your glasses.


8. Are your lenses scratched? Squeeze a small amount of non-abrasive, smooth toothpaste onto the lens and use a microfiber soft cotton cloth to buff the toothpaste into the scratch in small, circular motions.


9. Alternatively, you may also use baking soda with a small amount of water on the scratched lens. Buff the baking soda paste into the scratch using a soft cotton microfiber cloth.


10. If a screw in your glasses went missing, use a toothpick as a temporary fix. Line up the frame with the dislodged arm so that the holes of the hinge overlap. Insert a toothpick through the hole, pushing firmly so that it won't budge. Once it's securely stuck in the hinge, break the toothpick off on either side, ideally as close to the hinge as possible so that the toothpick will hardly show.


11. If your glasses are constantly sliding down your face, run the curved ends of the glasses' arms under very hot water for a couple of minutes, until the plastic becomes slightly softer. Gently bend the curved ends down and in, creating a tighter grip behind the ears.


12. If your glasses fit you a little tight, run the curved ends of the glasses' arms under very hot water for a couple of minutes. When the plastic becomes slightly softer, gently bend the curved ends slightly up and out to relieve the tightness behind the ears.


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