18 Fantastic Life Hacks For Your Hotel Stay

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Re: 18 Fantastic Life Hacks For Your Hotel Stay

Postby jeevan » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:23 pm

13. When the Cables Keep Falling on the Floor in a Hotel Room...


Using a plastic fork to secure the phone or laptop charging cable is the easiest way of preventing the cables from annoyingly falling on the floor.

14. When the Hotel Curtains Don't Close Fully


Grab a hanger with clips and close the curtains all the way to give you some privacy and seal you away from all those annoying lights on the outside.

15. A Solution For When You Don't Have a Mini Fridge in Your Hotel Room


Not being able to keep your beverages cool in a hotel room is a constant problem. A portable solution for this issue lies in your garbage bin, literally. Simply use a clean bin liner, fill the trashcan with some ice, and there you have it, an impromptu cooler.

16. A Trick To Make Sure Your Toothbrush Doesn't Make Contact With Hotel Germs


This is a great trick if you're a germaphobe like me and need to make sure your toothbrush is secured and won't get in contact with any bathroom surfaces.

17. Attach Your Car Keys to Your Phone Charger to Make sure You Don't Forget Them


Car keys are phone chargers are both equally important, so why not marry them to avoid leaving either in your hotel room?

18. A Solution For When You Need to Iron Your Clothes But Have No Iron


If you're in dire need of an iron but have no access to one during your travels, you can just hang the clothing item that needs ironing in the bathroom after taking a shower, or a run some hot water in the shower purposefully to fill up the bathroom with steam. The steam will act as a steamer and iron out any creases.

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