18 Fantastic Life Hacks For Your Hotel Stay

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18 Fantastic Life Hacks For Your Hotel Stay

Postby jeevan » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:20 pm

Traveling is so much fun, but so many things can go wrong when you’re traveling: your hotel may be too noisy, your shampoo can spill in your suitcase and your keys might get lost. All of these and various other problems may be such a drag that they can overshadow all the positive aspects of your trip, which is a real shame. And while it seems like these problems are unavoidable and impossible to fix, the truth is that they really aren’t. In fact, we will show you how to fix them and 15 other travelers' problems in this very article

1. Nightstand Replacement


Don't worry if you have no nightstand in your hotel room. Simply tuck your phone, glasses and other belongings you need to have on hand in the bedsheets on the side of the mattress like so.

2. Make Use of Shower Caps


The shower cap is one of those multifunctional items that has countless handy uses. One way you can use a shower cap is to store shoes in your suitcase. This way, your suitcase, and all its contents will remain clean and shoe mark free, even when you had no time to clean those shoes.

3. Secure Disposable Razors


Binder clips, too, come very handy both in the household and while traveling. For one, they can be used to replace or secure the protective case of disposable and safety razors. We'd say that if you're traveling with kids, this trick is a must!

4. Stash Some Emergency Cash in a ChapStick Bullet


Having some emergency cash on hand is also mandatory during any trip, as you never know what could happen to your wallet or credit cards. The most inconspicuous place for your stash is an empty lip balm or lipstick holder.

5. An Impromptu Phone Holder


Forgot your phone holder at home? No worries, grab an empty can from any beverage and mold it into this impromptu DIY phone holder, fast and easy!

6. If You Need to Insert a Key to Turn On the Electricity in Your Room...


Some hotels have these energy-saving systems that require a card key for you to have electricity in the hotel room, which can be a hassle. You can insert anything into the power switch slot to get non-stop power in your room without using the key.

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